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We Totally Missed It!!!

By on Jul 11, 2011

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I couldn’t believe it when it happened. The whole reason that I became a Stay-at-home-Momma is so that I wouldn’t miss these moments (well that was part of the reason). The sad thing about missing it is that I was actually at home!

Yesterday, the hubby and I spent some quality time together. We woke up early and got to church in time to get our praise on. We then proceeded to see a movie (of which most of the time was trying to keep Zoe from crying out), so that by the time we got home we quickly ran to our separate corners. LOL! I called my Mom to thank her for last nights babysitting duties and Phil scrambled to send some last minute emails. This totally left Zoe on her own. I tried to hold her while on the phone, but she wasn’t having it. So I put her on her play mat (belly down) and went down the hall to finish my conversation.
Unfortunately, Zoe became progressively fussy and when I went over to check on her she’d flipped from her belly to her back…and we totally missed it!!!! Phil was sitting literally 5 feet away and I was just a room away. How could this have happened? I could be a bit more accepting of it if at least one of us witnessed it, but the fact that it happened in our own home, while we were both awake is pretty pitiful.
So to make up for our snafoo, Phil jumped up and started to record Zoe on our camera. He didn’t want me to touch her for fear that I would ruin the camera moment and when I was finally able to intervene to comfort fussy Zo-Zo he told me to flip her over so she could do it again. He was convinced that egging her on would get her to turn over. Needless to say… it didn’t. Zoe was too through and simply laid her head down to suck her fingers and occasionally looked up to cry out in frustration.
Zoe didn’t turn over again last night…but since we didn’t witness it, does that mean it didn’t happen? I mean, no one saw the tree in the middle of the forest fall last night, sooo0 that didn’t happen either, right?
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