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It’s alive…ALIVE!!!!

By on Jul 9, 2011

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I can’t believe how fast Zoe is growing these days. Not only is she a chub-ster with jelly rolls, but she’s getting super long in length too. Her baby afro is nearly half the size of mine and her features are becoming more and more distinct. We’ve heard lots of look-a-like comments too such as she looks like me when she smiles or that she has Phil’s head shape (which kinda scares me a bit). But what I’m totally amazed at is how she is growing developmentally. She’s just starting to play with her feet, tummy time is a breeze these days and she can stand on her legs for at least 2 minutes now (assisted of course). She focuses on people when they talk and she even tries to chime in on the conversation. Oh and by the way…she’s been sleeping through the night since 2.5 months!!! CRAZY, right! She makes me feel like the best Momma Bear on earth!

Now truth be told, I suppose I can’t take credit for all of her accomplishments. I simply set the stage and let her loose. But that’s the true mystery of it all. How is it that even a new born baby knows “how” to learn? I mean, people get degrees and PhD’s in the “How’s” of life, but babies just know how to do it; through trial and error they simply figure it out. No text book needed!
I wonder when people strayed from trial and error and instinct to only believing what someone else deemed as truth. Maybe it all begin with ancestral fables that instilled wisdom and warnings to future generations. It seems natural that you would believe what your parents told you, but the info gets murky when you throw in the scientists and philosophers that society deems all-knowing. Now, I admit that I’m the first one to google baby development stages, baby illnesses and “how to teach your baby to read…NOW” but more and more I’m learning (in my short 5 .5 month experience) that if given the time and space, a baby will (1) learn at his/her own pace, (2) with very little intervention and (3) will not forget what they’ve learned. Experience is the best teacher, right? They have no fear of failure or wasted time, there is just discovery.
I love watching Zoe learn and soak up information. As a result, I’m learning too! I’m slowly de-programming myself from years and years of just studying the textbook and am now going back to trial and error, good ole fashioned instincts and experience.
What has the little one in your life taught you thus far?
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