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"I’ll have a Mojito and a Bottle of Mommy’s Milk Please!"

By on Jul 16, 2011

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LOL! I started laughing just thinking of a title for this blog entry.

Last night Phil and I decided to go out for dinner and drinks. Going out to dinner is not a phenomenon for us, but going out for dinner AND drinks is! I was so totally stoked about having drinks that I got super duper fancy. I braided my hair back, put on makeup and I even wore my new summer dress, which unfortunately doesn’t allow for easy boob access for the Zo-ster. But, I really wanted to be fancy and I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t get tempted to pass on drinks for the sake of having to nurse. Instead, I thawed out a bag-o-Mommy’s-good-stuff” before leaving and put it in the diaper bag for a later feeding time.
When we arrived at the restaurant/bar and I glimpsed the sea of smiling faces (none of which were babies) I actually felt a wave of panic. Not because we haven’t been out to nice places with Zoe before, but moreso because if she gets fussy and wants to eat, I usually never have to prep a bottle. Would those smiling faces all turn and frown at me?!?!?!? Even if I wanted to default to the boob, my dress was a slip on with a high collar. I could go to the restroom but they were individual rooms, there was a line, and well…they smelled like bathrooms. The reality of my decision to choose fashion over function weighed on me like a dirty diaper!
So as soon as we sat at the bar, I slipped out the bag-o-Mommy’s-good-stuff and started to pour it into the bottle (since it hadn’t completely thawed before leaving home). Meanwhile, Phil was hovering over my shoulder saying that “our time was running out,” because apparently Zoe was becoming antsy. I was so nervous, it’s no wonder I didn’t spill milk all over the bar!
But thanks be to God, the milk was poured from the bag to the bottle without a single spill, I ordered my Mojito and hot water to warm the bottle and within minutes I was sipping my drink and dipping Zoe’s bottle. The two gentleman who suddenly stopped talking at the sight of the bag-o-Mommy’s-good-stuff resumed their conversation and Phil stopped hovering. Oh, and Zoe was an Angel the entire time.
We ended up having a super lovely evening with a great table next to the river. Zoe went to sleep without a hitch after having her night cap and I was able to enjoy a Mojito…well 2 Mojitos!
I guess you can say that Zoe and I had our very first Mommy/Daughter drink together. Salud!
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