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I’ll Always Love My Momma…She’s My Favorite Girl…

By on Jul 25, 2011

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…You only get one…You only get ooonneee….yeahhhhhh!

Every time I think of my Mom some song from the 60’s or 70’s pops into my head. Whenever we’re together we’re always singing some Motown dusty that I heard her play while growing up or we burst out into spontaneous jigs that put Mr. Bojangles to shame. I appreciate our conversations about life, love and adventures. And I enjoy her real world interpretations of the bible. I love her! I admire her! And I have so much fun being around her! I didn’t think I had any more room to love her… until tonight…
I called her this evening after 2 separate individuals made not-so-nice remarks about me being a Stay At Home Momma Bear. The first person essentially said that my work as a Stay At Home Mom was nothing compared to their daily tasks and the 2nd person said “It Must Be Nice Not Having to Go to Work!” During both instances my sensitive self felt a little put off and put down. I mean, It’s true that I enjoy spending my time with Zoe, but there ARE a lot of tasks associated with being a Good Momma Bear and it REQUIRES a ton of work.
So I told my Momma about my aching feelings. I put my busted pride and wounded heart on a little platter and handed it to her. She laughed at me. Yes, she laughed in her usual endearing way and she said, “Amina, Number 1 -don’t take it personally, honey and Number 2 – Consider the sources.” Then she went on to say how wonderful it is that I can be the sole influence in Zoe’s budding life and that I should continue to feel privileged to be a Stay At Home Momma Bear because not everyone is afforded the opportunity (which is something I don’t take for granted).
Sigh…I guess I just needed a little bit of affirmation that I was on the right track and she knew exactly what I needed to hear…she always does. I took back my banged-up pride and my patchwork heart and went on to talk about Zoe’s latest feat. I thanked her for her advice and told her that I loved her soooo very much, but the words just couldn’t express how deeply my appreciation for her runs. My Mom always has a way of making me feel at peace and at ease with the world. She’s just the perfect Momma Bear for me! I can only hope that I can be that way for Little Miss Z.
Have you thanked your Momma Bear lately?
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