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Bagged up and Buried :-(

By on Jul 7, 2011

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This week marked the end of the Casey Anthony trial. The human in me is pretty disappointed with the verdict. It seemed obvious that there was some foul play and cover up of her daughter’s death; I secretly wanted her to be punished. But the “Wannabe more like Christ” Spirit in me which still believes that there was a cover up also believes that I am not the one to judge or punish anyone for their mistakes.

From all of the buzz that is going around town, doting Grandmothers and Grandads, Loving Moms and Dads, rivaling Sisters and Brothers, and friendless Dogs and Cats are ALL outraged over the verdict. No books were thrown at Casey and no mob carried her off to her doom. In fact, after the case they celebrated at a nearby neighborhood bar. I’m not sure if Casey was a part of the celebration (although she’s done her share of celebrating following the death of her daughter), but I don’t know that I could even breathe a sigh of relief if I lost my Zoe. Granted, I also couldn’t bag my baby up like groceries and throw her away.
Now like I said, I can’t judge her, but the whole situation is really too sad for words. I guess the only thing that anyone can do is turn their judgment and frustration into love for their own children. That’s what I’m planning to do. The Zo-meister will be getting Mommy’s hugs and kisses every hour on the hour. But you know what the TRUE test is? The true test is to send out love to Casey and her family too. YIKES! I know it’s an unreal request. But the only way to fight hate and evil is with love.
Now I know this may come off like a big block of Gouda cheese, but here it goes….Are you strong enough to turn your frustration and disdain into love? For me personally, it’s not incredibly easy, but I’m willing to work on it. I’ll start with Zoe and then maybe it will grow into love for the Anthony’s. Ready…set…GO!
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