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Zoe’s New Cow-dillac

By on Jun 20, 2011

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It’s true! Zoe has a new cow-dillac that she rides around town in. She can’t steer or press down on pedals, but she sure is riding in style.

About 1 month ago Zoe and I were in a traffic accident on the expressway. We were rear-ended during bumper to bumper traffic. Now you might not think that it’s a big deal given that the accident was during rush hour traffic. But, before the accident I recall that there was an enormous gap between the driver behind us and our car. But I ignored it and summed it up as the driver being distracted. Then, only a few short seconds later, that same car plowed into the back of us. Zoe was hysterical and so was I. I was shaking all over! We pulled off the expressway and called the authorities (who took 4 hours to arrive – literally).
Luckily, Zoe was in her car seat, but the car seat was never that stable to me. It set atop a base which allowed us to quickly lock and unlock Zoe’s seat when coming and going. Although I was never totally comfortable with it, we kept it and just KNEW that we’d never be in an accident. Phil and I are both excellent drivers you see.
But things happen. We were in an accident. Thankfully no one was hurt but I’m not taking any more chances. I bought Zoe a top of the line car seat, The Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat, complete with the Cow patterned cover (because Zoe has to ride in style). This thing is HUGE and it’s made with steel poles. Zoe looks like such a little lady bug on her huge throne. I love that it fits her now and that it will fit her until she’s nearly 2 years old.
When the seat arrived the other day I must admit that I was certainly much more excited then she was. After a grueling assembly, yes it can be a bit tricky to install, Zoe was placed in her new Cow-dillac and she began to chatter about the new comforts of her new ride.
Now… if only I can get the fully loaded Range Rover I’ve been hoping for…a Momma can dream, right?
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