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Tired Women More Likely To Fight With Husbands

By on Jun 17, 2011

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My husband sent me an article from the Chicago Sun-Times that said the following:

Tired women more likely to fight with husbands
When women have a poor night’s sleep, they’re more likely to fight with their husbands the next day, a study finds. But when men don’t sleep enough, it doesn’t appear to have any effect on the marriage…
WHAT! Somebody pass me a rolling pin. Now I know my husband meant it as a joke, but what burns me is that someone had the NERVE to actually write the darn thing. Needless to say either the author was not named in the article for fear of a beat down, or this is merely a snippet of an even larger b.s. article. So in response, I decided that I would list all of my daily chores:
1. Zoe feeding time
2. Zoe playtime
3. Put Zoe down for nap
4. Straighten the living room and kitchen counter (dishes are for the hubby)
5. Quick and very guilty check of email and facebook
6. Zoe wakes up – now playtime
7. Zoe pamper change
8. Zoe feeding time
9. Steal away a moment to make super gross, but quick breakfast
10. Stuff mouth full of food
11. Forced tummy time for Zoe
12. Zoe pamper change
13. Zoe feeding time
14. Zoe Nap time
15. Amina lunch time
16. Amina brush teeth
17. Amina think about a hot shower
18. Amina pick up knitting needles…oh wait…Zoe is up again
…Sigh…I won’t bore you with the additional details…but needless to say there are more feedings thrown in there, cooking dinner for the family and bathing Zoe before bed. God forbid the laundry is overflowing or the refrigerator is empty. It’s no wonder I’m tired and fussy. Now I’m not saying that my husband doesn’t help (he’d be hurt if I even insinuated that), but he needs a lot of coaching, direction, and praise which ALSO requires energy. Oh and by the way…I failed to mention that all of those feeding times are BREASTFEEDING times. Zoe is literally sucking the life force out of me! And the whole time I’m trying to make it all LOOK effortless!
So if I’m a little cranky in the morning, afternoon, or night, it’s not just my lack of sleep that’s to blame, how about reducing my daily duties. It’s a bitch being a stay-at-home-Mom, as for you working Momma’s on the go, how you do it I will never know.
Now by taking the time to write this I have officially replaced my breakfast window. It’s time for Zoe’s next feeding. What does YOUR day look like?
p.s. I feel that I should clarify (despite the above ranting) that I LOVE being a new Mommy and wifey; I feel so blessed. But like most blessings, they require a lot of work! :-)
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