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No Babies Allowed!

By on Jun 8, 2011

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I just don’t understand it. When Mommas walk down the street pushing or carrying their little bundles of joy you see tons of adoring eyes. Everyone is ooing and ahhing at baby hats and outfits…but God forbid you bring those cuties indoors. Instantly they’re transformed into blood sucking vampires. No one wants to be near them for fear that they will suck the fun out of the room or vomit on the chairs.

My first experience with this anti-baby sentiment was when I took Zoe to the movies on a cold winter day. I needed a new scene and a stroll around the block was not in the cards. So around Noonish I bundled us both up and jumped into the Chevy. We were at the theatre in minutes ready to purchase our tickets…and then cashier said it, “Two adult tickets; that’s $25.00 please.” “WHAT!” I said, and nearly jumped through the roof. Why are you charging a baby (who’s already sleeping) full price (not even a kids price) and there is NOBODY in the theatre! Needless to say, Zoe and I left the theatre…heads hanging (well my head was hanging, her neck just wasn’t strong enough) and we returned home to watch a movie on Netflix.
Now my second experience…a couple of months ago Phil and I received an invite to a friend’s wedding. I was super excited at the time. Phil and I both love weddings and we always feel so honored to get an invitation. Well the invite said, “no children at the adult only reception”. I thought it was strange but then I thought maybe they didn’t want to pay for an additional plate or chair for the little one. Still, I figured that the statement didn’t apply to us, after all, Zoe is a breastfed baby (check) AND she is a lap baby (double check).
Well, lo and behold today I get the dreaded text message from the friend reminding me that NO kids are allowed. None!
Crazy, right? I think so too! Babies are the best part of weddings, well outside of the new married couple, they are the cutest additions to the room. I mean, who needs decorative flowers and candles when you can sprinkle a few kids at each table. No one ever notices the decor anyway.
So now my dilemma is whether to attend the wedding without my baby girl or watch another Netflix movie at home with her. I know it’s sad that there is even a choice. And I know most parents would kill for a night out alone, but..well…Zoe is still brand new! What if she decides to turn over or do some other genius thing for the first time in my absence?
What’s wrong with this anti-baby world? Not only does it mean Zoe is unwelcome, it means her Momma is too. Good thing I’m not talking a plane ride yet; I think the evil stares we’d get would melt me down to nothing.
We Momma’s and babies have to ban together to take back this world. We’re the ones that bring the fun and creativity to everything. And Daddy’s, you’re required to be our advocates too; it’s a team effort.
Now I understand that change doesn’t happen over night, but it can happen. Maybe I won’t bring Zoe to the wedding this time, but she’ll be in tote next time (spoken in my rebel tone of voice).
Next stop…a cross-country plane ride. Watch out world here we come!
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