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Extreme Couponing

By on Jun 15, 2011

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I’m totally obsessed with a reality series that I am now following. It’s called Extreme Couponing! The people in this show are truly incredible. It’s the best example of real world mathematics that I have ever seen. Here’s how the show works:

The show features 2 Extreme Couponers. An Extreme Couponer is someone that uses coupons to pay for their groceries. They usually have a “stock pile” in their homes which are multiple shelves and drawers filled such items as soup cans, toilet paper, laundry detergent, razors and a ton of other household needs. Some couponers store their goods in their basements and others allow their stock piles to pervade their bedroom closets. Others will donate their goods to charities, U.S. soldiers overseas or allow their neighbors to stop by their homes and “shop.” The true beauty of the Extreme Couponer is that they build their “stock piles” with very little seed money; a $500 dollar grocery bill is brought down to $5 dollars due to their couponing.
It’s amazing to see how these extraordinary people have cracked the coupon system, which rarely seems useful to ordinary people like you and me. I mean, I disregard those .55 cents off coupons because the item is usually $3.50. BUT, when you combine that .55 cent coupon with 2 $1 manufacture coupons and then add the stores discount card in the mix, these shoppers are walking away with free products. Some transactions actually end with the shopper MAKING money on their purchases. It’s truly incredible!
Now I’m not saying that I have the patience to become and Extreme Couponer myself. After all, a lot of the products that they collect, outside of laundry detergent, toilet paper and diapers are not the healthiest of products. I mean, do you really need 50 1 liter bottles of soda or 90 bottles of mustard? Probably not, but their sure is a sense of accomplishment when you see a $1,000 bill knocked down to .37 cents.
Extreme Couponers are the types of people that we need working in our school systems and educating our kids. These people aren’t talking theories, they are using real math equations in real life problems. Now if you happen to know someone in your neighborhood that’s an Extreme Couponer, let a Momma know because Zoe needs #3 sized pampers!
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