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Shhhh….He doesn’t know….

By on May 18, 2011

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…that I’ve started this blog. He suggested it to me last week and I quickly dismissed it. I’m a Mommy now and I don’t have time for anything but little Zoe. No expectations please!

Now I don’t typically keep things from my hubby. He knows everything about me from my love affair with french fries to my desire to be a perfectionist. He knows what I’m going to say and typically beats me to nagging him about cleanliness. But for some reason I just don’t want to tell him about this Blog. I guess it’s because if I do he’ll start rooting for me. Encouraging me to be witty, use correct grammar and blog 2 – 3 times a day. Yup! That’s my hubby. HE’S really the perfectionist and I’m just…well…just a self-proclaimed perfectionist.
So I’m not telling him, and if you know me, please don’t you tell him either. Although, I’m sure he’ll figure it out one day. We’ll sit down to dinner, vegging out in front of the television on our t.v. trays and he’ll turn to me and say “You’ve been blogging haven’t you…I knew you’d be perfect at it.” :-(
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