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By on May 26, 2011

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I just gotta! There aren’t too many things in this world that I gotta have. I don’t gotta have a fancy car, nor a fancy house. I don’t gotta have the newest clothes and I don’t gotta have the latest hairdo. I don’t gotta have clout (although it helps if you can get it) and I don’t gotta have bookoo amounts of money (although money would really be of some use in this case). What I gotta have is… the Zigo Leader Bicycle Carrier! I just gotta have it.

As I think about fun and economical things for me and my baby girl to do over the summer, biking is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s faster than walking, great exercise for Momma Mina, and Zoe gets to check out the scene…SAFELY! I’ve searched high and low for a bike trailer system that I wouldn’t mind putting her in, and frankly, I just can’t imagine her being seated BEHIND me. I mean, you know what its like to simply cross the street. You have cars impatiently turning in front of you and just barely grazing your ass behind you. So I definitely don’t want my little girl subjected to the added dangers of a tag-along caboose.
Sadly enough we just can’t afford the bike right now. We just can’t! It runs as low as $1500. I know, I know, its expensive. It’s my mortgage for God’s sake, but I just gotta have it. So what did I do? No, I didn’t buy it, but I did the next best thing…I sent an email. :-) Yup, I sent an email to the sales force and said “You’ve got an incredible product. I’d love to market it to other Mommies in exchange for a free bike.” It’s ballsy, I know. But when you just gotta have it you do crazy stuff like that. Now this type of email was certainly a first for me. I’m not in the business of asking for freebies, but some sort of mutual exchange is right up my alley.
So who knows if anything will come of. If so, you know that you’ll certainly be the first to know. Wish me luck! I even attached 2 of the cutest photos of Zoe to the email. I mean, she’s irresistibly cute. She’d be the perfect Spokesbaby for a product like that.
If you’ve got any other ideas on how I can get this “Gotta have it” bike, I’m all ears because this Mommy & Baby is looking to get their stroll on!
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