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I Can Sing A Rainbow

By on May 25, 2011

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Yowsa! It’s been on repeat since 4:00 a.m. this morning. Yes! I was up that early today. I woke up with a slight tummy ache and a song by the Dells swirling around my brain, “RED, Red, my eyes are red…” One line from the song kept running through my mind. It was taunting me, teasing me. I own the song, but I couldn’t remember the name. Its true I panicked a bit. I needed to settle my musical craving; it’s like sugar to a junk food junkie!

A bit of critical thinking, some googling, and 60/70’s group voice matching in my head and I figured it out. The song is by The Dells, Not The O’Jays and it’s called “I can Sing A Rainbow/Love is Blue,” it’s a 3 minute song and I’ve played it like 30 times already. I know, I know obsessive, right? But by gosh when you hear a song that makes your hair stand up, you just want that feeling over and over again. After all, music isn’t what it used to be (spoken in my granny voice).
I sometimes think I was born at the wrong time, musically that is. I think I’ll take a pass on the racial abuse, but MAN, if I was around when the Dells, O’Jays, Delphonics, Temptations, Marvellettes and a ton of other Doo Wop groups were on the scene, I think I might have just lost my mind. I’d be a groupie! It’s true! I’d travel from state to state, show to show and wear their t-shirts. I’d pull my hair out screaming for them opposite police barricades and seriously faint if they looked my way.
I’m crazy, I know. But I just have an appreciation for the dusties (that’s what you call old school R&B). Anywho, check out this song on YouTube: and let me know what you think. Don’t be deterred by the cheesy harmony at the start of the song, the brotha’s (yes brotha’s) bring the funk nasty to this record.
Sigh…so it has played about 50 x’s now, I think I’m satisfied enough to head back to bed….before the Zo-meister wakes up. Yikes!
p.s. I double dog dare you to break out and sing this song to the one you love during the break-up conversation. LOL! I’d love to hear about it.
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