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Got my mojo on the GO!

By on May 21, 2011

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I love Saturday mornings. I love them like I love my french fries. I want to savor them and season them up with fun stuff.

I woke up this morning to a smiling baby who was happy to see me. It could have been because I’m her only source of sustenance, but that excited feeling was mutual. I had waaaay too much milk in these boobies and the milk needed a good home. So even though I LOVE Saturdays, I woke up today in a humdrum mood. I was still battling for air after spending the evening out in a cat den and my asthma was not cooperating. My eyes were tired and itchy and my nose was stuffed. I pulled myself out of bed with Zoe in tote and found that the hubby had straightened up the living room, was washing dishes and playing music. I thought to myself “I think this might be a good Saturday!”
And then…it got even better! I was sitting at the computer sorting emails when “Call Me Al” comes on the player! OMG! When I hear that song I can’t help but shuffle like Mrs. Bojangles. I don’t care how I look because that song get’s my mojo on the go!
It begin in my neck and shoulders and then shot down to my feet. “WHERE’S ZOE” I yelled “We gotta cut a rug”. I found her opposite the couch and couldn’t bring myself to move her from her cushy chair soooooo….I proceeded to do a jig to entertain her. It’s just one of those songs where you don’t care if you look a fool. You just gotta MoVe. And move I did! Zoe was laughing and cooing, which totally spurred me on. Even Phil got a little bit of his mojo movin’ and started dancing with me.
Now we’re no Von trapp family, in fact, after the song we went back to our respective places in the house, but I’m waiting for my mojo to start bubbling up again. I can tell already that this is going to be a spectacular Saturday.
Now if only I could find some yummy french fries for lunch!
What song busts up your ho-hum mornings and get’s your mojo on the go?
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