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Cover Girl

By on May 24, 2011

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Okay, today’s blog is not some ground breaking discovery about who I am and what I am. I still don’t know my purpose in life nor do I know my niche. Nothing terribly funny or horrendous has happened today or yesterday. But hear me out on this…

I’ve decided that Zoe is as cute as a button and that she absolutely MUST be on the cover of magazines! I want her to be the new “It” baby, crawling around in the best diapers, with the flashiest onesies. Her ears aren’t pierced yet, but I intend for her to have a lot of bling. She’s just so dang-on cute!
I know this is something that most Momma’s say about their baby girls and boys. I admit I’m a bit biased on the issue, but there have been ton’s of passersby who seem to think so too. Granted, I think there is some unspoken rule about calling every baby you see “cute”. But could the statement “She’s a doll” be a bit more genuine? If you met her you’d say the same thing; the sweet eyes, the double dimples and the gummy smile would certainly seal the deal!
So today I decided to contact a few talent agencies and see what happens. I made phone calls, left messages and sent emails with the hopes of speaking to “a voice.” I did receive a response from the Chicago Parent Magazine which regularly features gorgeous babies on their cover page. Could Zoe be a cover girl? I certainly think so!
Is it a dream come true to have Zoe on the cover of a magazine or am I subjecting her to a cruel cruel world? I guess at this point she wouldn’t know the difference.
What do ya think?
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