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Beverly McClellan, You’re my NEW Hero!

By on May 20, 2011

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So my new hero is Beverly McClellan! “Who the hell is that” you say. Well I’ll tell ya who the hell she is…

I’ve been sucked into watching the television series “The Voice.” I haven’t figured out what it is about these reality tv shows that keep me captivated, but by- George they’ve done it again. If you know the formula, please enlighten me.
So after a long evening of baking sugar cookies, yes baking (which is another story in itself), I settled onto the couch to roll my hair and watch a little bit of the tube. I remembered that I’d missed this weeks episode of “The Voice” and quickly skipped to On Demand to see the replay. Now if you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s similar to American Idol in that it’s a singing competition, but gone are the days of the teeny-bopper. This show has real people, with real voices. One such voice is Beverly McClellan and I’m in total admiration.
What do I see in her? Well if you look passed the fact that she is a middle aged, white woman who has shaved her head bald, has a million tattoos and piercings and is also openly lesbian, you hear this no nonsense singing voice bursting out at the seams. Not only is her voice incredible, but when she comes on the scene, her energy and enthusiasm for singing makes you wanna jump on the coffee table and cheer her on. She’s awkward on stage; running about flailing her arms, crouching down low and then darting from side to side without warning. But the freeness that she exhibits seems so genuine that you can’t help but admire her for it.
Beverly McClellan you’re my new hero. Who needs Aretha Franklin, Patty LaBelle and whomever else I can’t remember to name (blame it on the breastfeeding). I love that Beverly is so free from societies shackles. You know the shackles that I’m referring to. The ones that require us to be meek, mild and a clone of one another. Now who’s to say who she is when she gets off the stage. I don’t know; but the woman I saw on television tonight tickled me pink. Beverly McClellan you’re my hero (for right now at least) and each day I’m working towards feeling as carefree as you do.
Who do you admire for their free spirit? Do you need to break free?
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