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How I Narrowly Escaped Cow “Slosh and Heavy Rain” During an Illinois Farm Bureau Commercial Shoot

By on Aug 20, 2014

Each time that I visit a farm my respect for farmers grows exponentially; my latest adventure to the Heinsohn Farm was no different. I was recently invited to participate in a commercial for the Illinois Farm Bureau with 3 other farm moms who were just as eager as I have been over the course of the year to debunk the myths surrounding commercially grown food. We drove out to Dekalb County where we shot the commercial in 3 separate locations of the Heinsohn Farm: near the corn fields, inside of a feedlot, and overlooking a small prairie. And while 2 of the 3 locations allowed for ample sunshine, blue skies and fresh cool winds, one location proved to be a bit challenging for this Momma…the feedlot. When we first arrived into the feedlot, I didn’t know that in due time I’d grow accustomed to the stench…but I did. It was more the splashing and plopping of excrement...

Can the Removal of Home Economics in the Classroom be the Cause for America’s Obesity Epidemic?

By on Jul 23, 2014

Sure we can blame the food companies that advertise high caloric, fat riddled, salty and sugar laced foods to us via radio, television and even our smartphones, but could the removal of home economics in the classroom be the cause of our current obesity epidemic? Do Americans even know how to cook outside of the box, bottle, and tin can? The U.S. currently has the highest rate of childhood obesity worldwide! In 2013 approximately 1/3 of American children were either overweight or obese with 17% specifically suffering from obesity. In fact, most of the American diet is comprised of 70% processed foods, which includes everything from chicken nuggets to crackers to even yogurt! It’s clear that children don’t understand the importance of healthy eating, but do parents understand? And if so, do they have the skills to lead by example? America experienced a major cultural shift...

Enter to Win a $250 or $500 Gift Card to Ultra Foods

By on Jul 9, 2014

The IL Farm Families are practically giving away groceries! From July 7th – July 31st they are running a giveaway that will include (2) $250 gift cards and (1) $500 gift card to Ultra Foods. And just in case you might have missed my previous post about the wonderland that is Ultra foods, you can check it out here. Ultra foods is now a force to be reckoned with! From the fresh salad bar, to the bulk nuts and berries to the extensive seafood counter, Ultra foods has a variety of products to satisfy even the most refined palate. So if you’re into healthy food at an affordable price this is a giveaway that you don’t want to miss.   Here’s the scoop on how you can enter to win one of the 3 awesome gift cards: Enter to win by completing the following: 1. Go to, search for “Illinois Farm Families” and LIKE the page 2. Comment on a recipe,...

Top 3 Ways Integrity can be Restored to the Food Industry

By on Jun 23, 2014

The month of June marked the continuation of the US. Farmers & Ranchers Association’s (USFRA) countrywide series of town hall- style forums, an attempt to hone in on the key issues plaguing the agricultural community. The latest Food Dialogue forum on Integrity in Food Marketing took place in Downtown Chicago and included a diverse group of panelists ranging from family farmers like Dawn Caldwell and Chuck Wirtz to communications specialists like Alan Moskowitz of Communispace and Mike Donahue of LYFE Kitchen to name of few. (Check out the full line-up here) The panelists shared their varied perspectives which included some jaw dropping commentary from Alan Moskowitz of Communispace who believes that “Consumers do not want full transparency” and that “brands don’t have to reveal all of the skeletons in their closet.” (Insert streaking bolt of...

Farmland -Movie Review

By on May 5, 2014

In recent years, the media has sensationalized farming to the extent that consumer purchasing is influenced by perspectives that are not representative of America’s farms (of which 90% are family farms). But, on Thursday, May 1st there was a shift in the agricultural conversation when 6 young farmers shared their stories in the documentary Farmland, a film directed by Award Winner James Moll and funded by the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. The 80 minute film broadcasts the lives of 6 farmers and ranchers who take over their family businesses as 4th, 5th and 6th generation farmers. Well… all except Margaret Schlass. Margaret is an anomaly in the farming industry. Without a family history in farming, she took the giant leap to start a 1st generation farm (which she so appropriately named One Woman Farm.) “There she is in all her glory,” exclaimed...

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