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Sassy Salmon Salad w/ Wasabi Mayo …Yes Please!

By on Jun 25, 2015

As an uber busy Mom, it’s so hard to make time for the most basic tasks like eating! If I don’t eat breakfast with the girls, then I might not eat breakfast. And if I don’t snag a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the girls for lunch (one of my least favorite lunch options), then I might end up surviving on a piece of fruit or a handful of crackers. I know…I know, it’s not the ideal meal plan. After all, when does eating nothing for breakfast and close to nothing for lunch equate to a meal plan? It doesn’t…and I’ve finally found the perfect go-to meal. During a recent trip to Trader Joe’s, (one of my favorite places on earth), I made a b-line for the food samples and discovered an awesome new lunch dish. It’s quick, it’s tasty and incredibly healthy. It’s called Sassy Salmon Salad and here’s the recipe:...

9 Deceased in South Carolina Massacre, Yet Many Still Pray and Praise God

By on Jun 20, 2015

Like many of you, my heart has been so heavy these last few days following the massacre of 9 African American men and women in the house of worship. It is yet another horrific scar on the face of America. But this cut runs even deeper because it occurred in God’s house… a sacred place for refuge. Yet despite the attempts of the gunman to triumph over all that is good, we continue to hear the following questions: How can the families of these victims offer forgiveness so easily? How can they pray for God’s mercy on the gunman’s soul? How can the people of South Carolina unite and sing God’s praises amidst this horrible tragedy? These questions baffled even the most astute reporters who covered the televised memorial. The answer is that God remains at the center of it all. As I reflect on recent events there is a bible verse that comes to mind that reads as...

Easy- Peasy Pizza Dough

By on Jun 9, 2015

With our newest Nevels member on the scene, we’ve got Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s pizza on speed dial. Now the beauty of pizza is that it is one meal that I don’t have to persuade our picky toddlers to eat, but the tragedy is that these girls eat a lot of pizza. We’re easily dropping $40+ on just a one topping pizza! Needless to say, our bi-weekly pizza splurges were starting to break our piggy bank and this frugal Momma was compelled to take action. Up until recently I’ve been too intimidated to make my own pizza from scratch. Sure I’ve tried the pre-made flatbreads, but those certainly pale in comparison to freshly made pizza dough. So how did I conquer my insecurities? I turned to Betty Crocker and my trusty stand mixer. The recipe instructions are outlined so simply that I even let little Miss Jada join in the fun. Check out the recipe for...

Happy Mother’s Day!

By on May 10, 2015

It’s TRUE! A picture is worth 1,000 words.   Don’t be a stranger! Follow us here and come hang out on Facebook to get the scoop on the latest news, tips and all things Motherly. Share this:ShareLike this:Like...

Got Questions About GMOs? Leave A Message!

By on Apr 23, 2015

This Saturday the Illinois Farm Families have invited a handful of guests (including yours truly) to join them for a tour of the Monsanto Biotechnology Research Center! Finally, I have the opportunity to engage with the scientists and the business minds behind the ever controversial GMOs. The Monsanto name has become synonymous with GMOs despite the efforts of competitors like Dupont and Syngenta (to name a few) who are also trying to corner the market on GMOs. Monsanto has managed to capture most of the seed market. In fact, Monsanto lead the charge to apply the biotechnology business model to agriculture, a model that was typically associated with drug companies. Using this business model, a company invests in the research and development of a product and recoups their costs from the patents. Monsanto markets patent protected seeds with enhanced traits or genetics. As a result, ...

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